Robert R.
Good service a lot to choose from always test your base before you leave. Pul from middle but they have good deals t.
Toe Curler (Larry)
This store always have what I'm looking for, AND it's local. They hit a home run when they opened up and the prices are reasonable💨 …
Lara Lybrand
Knowledgeable on all their products. Best selection in the area!
Kelli Nicole King
Staff helpful good prices
Brittany Hicks
I just went to this store for the first time last night and it was SOOOO good! They have so much stuff. I went in for some ecig liquid but ended up getting 20 amazing smelling incense (not the usual incense scent) they have tons of different scents and two different sizes to choose from. Good price, 10 for $2.50 and they are fresh hand dipped superior grade! I also bought two of the smoke odor exterminator candles which are great for cigarettes cigars, pipes and 420 friendly…they smell amazing and only cost $6.99. I ended up picking out PACHA MAMA Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu for $20. Great tobacco/vape store that I’ll definitely be returning to!
Garrett Jurewicz
Sumer was a super cool and understanding guy. Educated me on various product, and was patient when I took my time selecting.
Carolyn Kron
Awesome customer service. Ordered my cigarettes specially for me, because I smoke an unpopular brand 🙂 Very friendly and willing to help you find you're looking for 😉 The Best Tobacco Shop in the Leland, Wilmington area!!! I'd give them 10 stars if I could 😎